“Festivities” was originally constructed in 1915 for use as a Post Office.

The historic two-story Georgian-style building is located only 25 minutes west of Oklahoma City. In 1965 the Post Office was converted to a community college. Its large rooms were divided and the ceilings were lowered to accommodate classrooms. In 1972 it became part of the El Reno School system for use as a classroom.

Festivities was privately purchased in 2001. Renovations began that year with the restoration of the original hardwood floors, 10-foot windows, 16-foot ceilings, marble walls and tile floors.

Additions to the original building were completed in 2004. The outdoor courtyard with three fountains features a 25 x 50 red wood deck for guest seating. For outdoor weddings, a cobblestone area allows comfortable seating for guests. 

Using both the inside and the outside courtyard area, crowds of up to 400 can be accommodated.

El Reno is an active Main Street focusing on the revitalization of the town’s historic district. Formerly a Certified City, El Reno has successfully transitioned to a Century Community.

In 2005, Festivities won two state recognized awards. The first award was for the best “Adaptive Reuse” and the second was for best “Interior Design Project”.
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